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IT Standard Services

  • Hotel Property, Offices End Users remote support by phone or email

  • Hotel Property, Offices Email User Management via Microsoft O365

  • Hotel Property, Offices Email Security and Monitoring

  • Assist in resolving any unforeseen issues that may arise with the Hotel Property, Offices IT infrastructure including End User Support

  • Assist with the procurement of IT related hardware and software

  • Maintenance and administration of network infrastructure and servers

  • IT environment documentation for Hotel Property and Offices

  • Remote and On-Site Support

Coding Station

IT Core Services

  • Company and Office Technical Support

  • Company and Office Desktop deployment

  • Hotel Property, Office Network Setup

  • Organization or Company Email Setup

  • Hotel Property and Office Computer Repair

  • Hotel Property and Office Software Installation

  • Hotel Property and Office Virus Software Deployment

  • Installation of OS and application updates for servers

  • Hotel Computer Setup and Configuration

  • Microsoft Office 365 Deployment

  • Hotel Property and Office Onsite End User Support

Computer Processor

IT Infrastructure Services

  • VoIP Telephony System Installation and Services

  • PBX System Installation and Services

  • Internet Line Installation and ISP implementation

  • Security Camera and CCTV Installation

  • Firewall Installation and Configuration

  • Switch Installation and Configuration

  • Network infrastructure including server room rack setup

  • Electronic Hotel Door Locks and Mobile Access

  • Server Installation and Racking

  • AV Installation

  • Signage Installation

  • VOD Installation

  • Physical Cabling

  • Hotel Back Office Setup

  • Office Setup and Moves

Network Hub and Cable

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